Welcome to Saillune.net
This is the personal website of Ben Carter.

I'm a game developer, programmer and writer and this site is mainly a collection of links to things I'm working on or otherwise involved with.

Apologies if it's terrifyingly boring as a result.

Professional game development
Where I'm working now: Some places I've worked in the past:
Indie development
I did a translation of the Japanese visual novel game 「私の黒猫」/"My Black Cat", more details of which can be found here: I also wrote a specialised video playback system called "AEGIS" which has been used to run video programmes and events at a large number of UK anime conventions over the last ten years or so. There's no information here, I'm afraid, but interested/concerned parties are welcome to get in touch about it.

I wrote a book about game assets: I also contributed a little to this much newer book on the subject: In the past I contributed to a number of magazines/newspapers: I (very) occasionally post things here:
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